Nurses Notes

  I want to share a special magic way to stay healthy all year round, and it doesn’t cost a cent.  Wash your hands!  Doctors and nurses know this is absolutely the best way to stay healthy.  It works better than any medicine.  Staying well is much better than getting well.

We should wash our hands whenever we eat, go to the bathroom, or do something germy.  The water temperature does not matter, so adjust it for comfort.  Wash for 15 seconds while rubbing your hands together.  A good way to know if you have washed long enough is to sing “Happy Birthday to You” two times.  Then rinse and leave the water running.  Grab a paper towel and dry your hands.  Use the paper towel to turn off the water.  Don’t throw away that paper towel yet!  Did you know a lot of people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom? You don’t want to touch the same yucky door knob they touched, so use your paper towels to open the door, and discard your towel on the way out.

        -Patricia Johnson, School Nurse